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marți, 31 octombrie 2017

Cordon margelute si cristale

Cordon realizat cu margelute perlate,margele toho si delica,rondele cristal,accesorii filigranate aurite,cabochon cristal, inchidere reglabila carabina si lantisor.Lungime fara prelungire 74 cm.Disponibil

duminică, 1 octombrie 2017

Cercei argint 925,cristale,margele Delica,toho,firepolished,super duo

Cercei argint 925,cristale,margele Delica,toho,firepolished,super duo.

sâmbătă, 16 septembrie 2017

Geanta piele,croset si broderie margele

Geanta realizata cu piele naturala bronz,fir si panglica bumbac negru/bej,broderie margele toho,super duo,rondele cristal, firepolished. Geanta este prevazuta cu feronerie aurie, 2 ciucuri din piele cu prindere carabina, intarita si captusita cu rayon .Prevazuta cu buzunar interior ,inchidere prin capse magnetice.Dimensiune 32x28 cm.

marți, 15 august 2017

Octopus tree necklace- My entry for Battle of the Beadsmith 2017

My entry this year has two inspirational sources. I discovered an article on a beautiful amazing tree called Angel Oak Tree in South Carolina that reminded me of a natural reservation in Romania. This reservation located in the Delta Danube is called Letea Forest . The forest hosts many ancient English oaks ,some of them reaching, even 500-600 years old. I found inspiring the octopus tentacles look like trees so I decided to create a necklace with a similar look .
Name of the piece : Octopus Tree
Techniques used: raised hand embroidery,bead embroidery,peyote stitch,RAW
Materials : Handcrafted cold porcelain cabochons, rhodochrosite cabochons,vintage beautiful harlequin opal glass cabs, crysoprase beads,Toho and Miyuki Delica 15/0;11/0; 8/0, firepolished and O-beads, 4mm crystal glass roundells , vintage gold fresh water pearl drops, 4 mm swarovski rose monte, rhinestone chain ,viscose thread,leather,necklace brass blank .
Size : Aprox. 29x 19 cm
Time to complete : Aprox 100 hours in 30 days .
Thank you for watching and hope you will enjoy my octopus necklace .

duminică, 2 iulie 2017

Set bratara si cercei argint 925 mireasa

Set brata si cercei argint 925 realizat cu matase laminata argintie,perle swarovski,margele toho si delica,margele firepolished AB,accesoriu cristale chatons.DISPONIBIL

miercuri, 14 iunie 2017

Bratara catusa

Bratara catusa realizata pe suport alama cu broderie matase,margele toho si miyuki,cabochoane lapis lazuli,turquoise,portelan la rece,ceramica glazurata,nasturei swarovski,margele fatetate calcedonie,rhinestone,perlute,piele naturala bronz.Latime 8 cm

joi, 1 iunie 2017

Accesoriu par mireasa si cercei argint 925

Colier mireasa -broderie margele,perle,matase

Colier mireasa realizat cu broderie matase , margele toho si Miyuki Delica,cristale swarovski rose montee, margele cristal, margele rose petals,cabochoane piatra lunii.

sâmbătă, 20 mai 2017

Set bratara catusa si cercei argint 925

Set bratara catusa si cercei realizat cu broderie matase laminata ,margele toho si delica,margele si rondele cristal,cabochoane cristal,cabochoane portelan la rece,pictat si lacuit,perle cultura,Cehia,margelute hematit electroplacat,satin lila,alb,gri.Baza este metalica si are aproximativ 6,5 cm latime.Cerceii sunt montati pe platforme surub din argint 925.