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luni, 15 iunie 2015

Metapherin- Statement necklace Battle of the Beadsmith 2015

As promissed I present you my entry for the Battle of the Beadsmith 2015 .The competition has started with revealing the designs in group D .
This statement jewelry is called Metapherin ,the Greek word for metaphor, and it is meant to recreate and celebrate the maternal figure through using floral symbols.
The moral features of the mother devolve from the semantics of each of the 3 flowers I used: the Edelweiss, the lilacs and the Halfeti rose. Both lilac flowers and the Halfeti rose stand for mistery,pure love and hope.It is also known that lilacs symbolize the spiritual legacy,traditions,family and the sense of belonging.
The Edelweiss or as some romanians call it , the Queen's Flower , was the favourite flower of Queen Elisabeth I of Romania.It is the symbol of purity and courage . They say it first appeared in Paradise.
A mother embodies all these attributes and tries to pass them to her children.
Therese of Lisieux also known as "Little Flower"said that "The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the love of a mother.
Hope you'll enjoy my beaded metaphor.

1) Name of your piece
Metapherin- embroidered necklace

2) Name of stitch, stitches used
Bead embroidery, bead crochet, netting,peyote,RAW,beaded romanian lace point.

3) Name of products used, size and material
Czech pressed glass rose petals,2 hole daggers,rizo beads,piggy beads,Miyuki Delica 15/0;11/0;10/0, Toho 11/0,Swarovski 7 mm crystal chatons, 2,2/ 3 mm crystal glass rondelles and cubes, 6 mm fresh water pearls, 25x 18 mm amethyst and chrysoprase cabochons, AB amethyst crystal glass drops,4 mm onyx and ruby zoisite beads,black and green silk embroidered lace,metallic silk thread.

4) overall size of piece

Width 28 cm, top to bottom 33 cm, circumference 49 cm

You can find my album on facebook in the Battle of the Beadsmith Group .

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